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Challenge #6--Goose Bumps

First up, I need to make a couple of apologies.  I didn't have the chance on Saturday to do a sneak peek for this month and there were also some DT changes I wanted to inform you of in a separate post.  Unfortunately, this past week hasn't been the easiest.  Late Wednesday night I came down with an abscessed tooth and spent the next 48 hours in complete agony.  I am antibiotics and am on the mend but I'm still not there yet.  Additionally, I witnessed a traumatic event late Sunday night as I stood on our lawn and watched the upper floors of the two halves of a semi-detached home (two over from ours) burn away in a terrible fire, changing the lives of two families forever.  I'm working on processing through both but it has meant that I haven't been as diligent as I should over here.  So, apologies to Naomi, the DT and of course all our wonderful readers.

DT Changes First up I want to let you know of some changes.  Sadly we are saying goodbye to Vicky from Crafting …