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Discussion of Upcoming Changes AND the Saturday Sneak Peek

See, I told you I'd get caught up in the Olympics!  When I went to bed last night I watched a 45 min. special "On the Road to the Olympics" and then watched the Men's and Pairs short program for the team Figure Skating Competition.  So with dreams filled with skating and snowboarding all over the place (not sure where the snowboarding came from unless it was because they listed who qualified for the semi finals in slope), let's just say it wasn't the most restful sleep.  Well at least I'm finally here.  However, before I get on with today's sneak peek, I wanted to discuss some of the changes about to take place over here.

For the last couple months, Naomi has been very busy changing the store around to serve you better.  While doing so, she also toyed around with some other changes that she'd like to implement.  Today, I'm going to share a little bit about those changes.

Somewhere around the beginning of June last year, we implemented a schedu…

Bit By the Bug: Another Bug is Born...Snowden

Hello and welcome to the final release in our Feeling Frosty event.  It is still rather frosty over here in Canada and many other parts of the world.  It doesn't help that BOTH Punxsutawney Phil (US) and Wiarton Willie (CDN) saw their shadows on Ground Hog Day.  I don't think I can take another six weeks of this weather.  I haven't been out of the house since the last week of December and won't be emerging this rate until spring!

Well at least one frosty session is coming to an end with this final new release in the collection.
Yup, you guessed it, one last snowman.  Even though there has been a slew of them, they all are unique with their own little identities.  This week is no different.  I'd like you to meet...
Snowden is such a happy fellow.  While we may not be pleased that the groundhogs saw their shadows, Snowden is certainly thrilled as you can tell from the expression on his face.   Six more weeks of snow means six more weeks of vacation on the East coa…