January 25, 2014

Saturday Sneak Peek -- Feeling Frosty Week Four

Let me see if Blogger goes whacky and rearranges my Saturday post this week.  I've re-edited last weekend's post but with Blogger you just never know.  Doesn't it make you crazy that you can preview a post, schedule it, preview it again to fix the changes Blogger creates, schedule it again AND it still messes it up??!!!  Okay, rant over.

Hello to my regular Saturday peeps.  There may only be a few of you but your dedication to guessing keeps me motivated to continue!  It is time for this week's sneak peek of the freebie coming out on Tuesday.  Let's have a look shall we...

 Hmmm...for some this may be really easy, and for others, well...I guess we'll see.  If you have an idea of what you think the OVERALL image may be, no matter how outrageous the guess, please offer it up by Monday at 12:00 pm EST (noon) in a comment on this post to be eligible to win a possible goody.

Don't Forget...

There is still an opportunity to win a copy of Naomi's latest release, 'Shiver'.  Click HERE and scroll down to find out how.  

Thanks for popping in!  Have a wonderful few days everyone and I will see you all on Tuesday!

January 23, 2014

Bit By the Bug: Another Bug is Born...Shiver

Hello and welcome to the latest release in our Feeling Frosty event.  In my part of the world, we are STILL in a deep freeze and where Naomi lives, they have just been pummeled by EVEN more storms.  Now you may think that I have just copied and pasted that from our last new release but seriously we can't seem to escape this weather!  So, as the frosty feeling continues outside we are going to continue it inside with our latest release.
  This week we have another cute little snowman available.  This one is named...

 Shiver is enjoying all the snow that has hit the East coast of Canada where he lives and has been taking advantage of all the fresh new fallen powder by spending time on his favourite crazy carpet.  He has several of them but this one gets the best slide.  Naomi was able to get a picture of him as he whooshed past her when she was out sledding with Michael.

You can find Shiver for purchase in the Seasonal section over in the store.  Clicking HERE will take you to the page he is located on.
Now let's check out what three of our DT came up with to showcase Naomi's wonderful new snowman...
Another great card from Monica.  Shiver is certainly having fun and he has picked up a cute little friend to race.  Apparently snowmen have their own Winter Games.  Wouldn't those be fun to watch!  You can check out all the details of Monica's card by visiting her blog, TaylorMade 4U.

It is now time to introduce the debut card of our newest team member...
Shiver is definitely at home in this digital scene put together by Judith.  I really like all the digital embellishments that she has added to her card.  Even Santa is getting in on the picture!  You can check out all the details of Judith's card by visiting her blog, Judith's Adorable Creations. 

Thank goodness for editing features as I am able to show you Suze's card after we published.  Wow and Wow.  Look at all that pink.  Shiver is certainly not going to get lost amidst all the brightness.  Cool background paper (if I do say so myself and it is a freebie on my personal blog if you are interested) and some great sparkly ribbon and some brads help to showcase Shiver in pink perfection You can check out the details of this creation over on Suze's blog, Craftysuze.

Sneak peek guesses...

Thanks to all of you who offered up guesses.  Once again, the two of you who were sure there was no way you could possibly be correct, were indeed absolutely right!  As both of you can see, KT Fit Kitty and Kimberly, it was actually a snowman riding on a crazy carpet.  Now I am also going to award Sarah the prize since she came close stating the snowman was on a toboggan or snowboard. Once again this proves you should always guess, even if you don't think it could possibly be what you are thinking.  So you lovely ladies listed above, send me an email by clicking HERE with the subject heading 'CBD Sneak Peek: Shiver' and I'll send you out a copy of the winter themed paper you see below.  Please note that it might take me a few days to get back to you though, so I appreciate your patience.


 Now, it is your chance to win a copy of the latest new release...

Once again you have the opportunity to win a copy of Naomi's newest release.  In order to have your name in the running to win a copy of Shiver, I want to know, what is your favourite winter sport?  Whether it is one you watch, participate in or something you did as a kid.  And even if you live in a climate where your winter is a warmer one, there must be a unique sport relevant to the winter season that you can share.  I'd love to hear about it.  Leave a comment ON THIS POST by noon on February 5th, in order to have your chance at winning this image. 

Winners will be announced Feb. 6th during our next new release!
Which brings me to the winner of the last new release.  I had wanted to know, whether or not you get any snow in the area that you live in?  Six of you shared with me and it seems that all but one of you do get snow where you live, even if it is just a little.  Interestingly, it was the one person who doesn't get snow where she lives in Spain, that won the copy of the snowman.  I sense irony at play here.  So this week, the winner of the last new release, Twigs is... 
Wendy L
Wendy, please contact me by clicking HERE with the subject heading 'Twigs' to get your copy.  Like I mentioned above, it might take me a few days to get back to you, so I appreciate your patience.
Time for our weekly joke...
Q: Where does a snowman keep his money?
  A:  In a snow bank!
Oh and apparently it is time for me to leave the computer.  When previewing this post I just read, 'where does a monkey keep his money' and had to do a serious double take.  Oh, oh...are those monkeys clamouring to get out again?   Sheesh, they enjoy the spotlight.
Stay tuned as there are two more images to go in this sweet new Feeling Frosty collection!  I hope that you will all join me on Saturday when it is time to show a snippet of the next one.  Until then, have a fantastic couple days and good luck everyone!