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Saturday Sneak Peak

Bonjour! Goeie dag! as-salām 'alaykum! néih hóu! Ciao! Aloha! Здравствуйте! Hola! nuqneH! Hello!
Did I miss anyone?  I even threw in Klingon for any science fiction freaks out there like myself!  Good Saturday to you all and welcome to the latest sneak peak.   Tuesday marks a new freebie in the store so let's take a peek at what it might be...

 So, tell me lovely people, what do you think this one is?  Can't wait to read your guesses.  Remember it doesn't matter how outrageous it is, you might just be right.  Offer up your guesses of the overall design by Monday at 12:00 EST in a comment to be eligible to receive a royally sweet treat. 
BUT WAIT!  THERE'S MORE... I'll offer up a bonus prize to anyone who tells me which of the salutations is Klingon!
DON'T FORGET...  there is still time to sign up for your chance to win Naomi's latest new release:  Moments with Mom!  Click HERE to find out how.


don't forget that our DT call is on right no…

You & Me To A Tea

Happy Friday!!!! Yay its the weekend again!!! Oh yes I will be singing up a storm again with my sister and friends, I have learned 3 new songs on the guitar...have you ever heard of Titanium!!!  I love that song and it is my absolute favorite to sing...I also learned "Trouble" by Taylor Swift and "Price Tag" by Xenia from the voice.  Can't wait!! Today I am showing you a card I made for Coralee, she is leaving Monday and I am going to miss her like crazy... I know she will like it for she likes everything I make, lol Take a looky!!  I hope you all have a super fantastic weekend!  Toodles

Bit by the Bug Beginnings: Another Bug is Born

Welcome everyone!  It is time for another new release.  Today I am excited to introduce you to: Moments with Mom The perfect image to show your daughter just how much you care!
Buy Moments with Mom HERE for just $1.00!!!!
Here is a card that Suze from Craftysuze made for inspiration!!
Suze has used such a gorgeous colour on her card.  I love the designer papers and those flowers as well.  Moments with Mom is the perfect card to tell a young girl just how proud you are of her and just how much you love her.  For more details on this card please head on over to Suze's blog (link above card).
Sneak peek guesses...
It seems I get a little creating break this week.  While we had some really great guesses, a lot of them involving pregnant bellies, I'm afraid that no one was correct.  I hope that won't disuade anyone from future guessing.  It is one of the best parts of the week, when I get to check out and see what you have come up with.

How would you like the opportunity to win a…

How to Make a Baby out of Punches

Happy Tuesday ! Hi, I hope you are all having a fantastic week, besides working I had the chance to put together a tutorial for you. Over the weekend my friend Kelly and I sat out on my back deck in the sun and played with all my punches: This is what we came up with!!!!! I am so proud of my Punch Baby, eeek! And... of course I had to make a card to showcase her... HERE IS WHAT YOU WILL NEED: 
( Do not adhere until the end, set all pieces aside as you make them) Punch 1" circle then stamp a Peachy Keen face on it Punch Grass - used as hair Punch stamp- used as shirt... - Take 5/16" circle punch and punch shirt to make indents for the arms, (about 1/4 way in) -Do the same for neck in shirt using the 1/2 " circle. Punch Flower - used for arms and legs - Cut 3 petals off flower  (not individually, all together) then cut out center petal for legs, make sure you cut the middle petal out on a curve for it will be her diaper. -Cut 2 petals out seperately (individually) for her arms Cut 5/16…

Path of Positivity Challenge - Optimism

Hello again on this fine Monday morning!

 This is my second post today and I am excited to share with you the new challenge for August over at Path of Positivity!!!  The theme for the month of August is: Optimism I did this card for a friend of mine who is torn between doing what she loves most or continuing on the career path she had choosen 10 years ago.. the quote I used for the inside is meant to encourage and remind her just what it would feel like if she were to act on doing what she loves most for optimism does create inspiration, energy and does bring out the best in us.
I realize it is hard to read so I typed it out: Optimism Inspires, energized and brings out our best, it points the mind toward possibilites and helps us think creatively past problems Price Pritchett 

Drop on over to Path of Positivity to see all the prizes you can win!!!
I hope to see you there, the girls all did such an amazing job on their creations.

Have a super day!

Wedding Card "Lavender, White and Silver"


Happy Monday my peeps!!!

I hope you all had a terrific weekend, I had an amazing time... Saturday Michael had his friends Alex, Stephen and Ray over to splash around in the pool and what a time! I have my friend Coralee home for holidays and all her relatives and friends and I went to karoke Saturday night... there were endless laughs and it will be a night I will remember the rest of my life... talk about awesome!!!
Sunday Troy , myself and Michael went to Troys parents to see Troys uncle that only comes over once a year and of course we had a super amazing meal, never fails.

Today I want to show you a Wedding card I made for my friend Kelly... don't friends make the best customers??!  Kelly knew the colors she wanted which made my preparation easier.

Sorry this card turned out a little blurry but the close ups should help...

I used Stickles to add a little shine to the bouquet and a couple of gems to add a little more sparkle! I did some of the bloom with white paper some with …