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Saturday Sneak Peek

Yes indeedy!  It is that time of the week when I get your gears turning.  Thanks for popping over to check out this week's sneak peek.  We had a few more people participate in the last one which was just AWESOME!  It can be a little lonely over her on Saturday's so your company is ALWAYS welcome and appreciated.

So let's see a snippet from this coming Tuesday's freebie, shall we... 

If you have been around these past couple weeks, you already know the theme.  If you are here for the first time, now is the time to catch up on a few of the most recent posts.  
I look forward to seeing what ideas you come up this week, no matter how outrageous they may be.  Offer up your guesses of the overall design by Monday at 12:00 EST in a comment to be eligible to receive a special treat.
DON'T FORGET...  there is still time to sign up for your chance to win Naomi's latest new release:  CowBEE Greetings!  Click HERE to find out how.
Have a very crafty weekend everybody! …

Summer Bug Brigade: Another Bug is Born

HowBEE everyone!  We bring you CowBEE Greetings from Canada!  Our Queen BEE, Naomi, has been at the drawing board again and is just buzzing with anticipation as to how you are all going to react to her latest digital image.  So, let me introduce you to...

CowBEE Greetings
 You are going to want to make a BEE-line for the STORE and add this one to your bug collection!
This sweet bee is all set for the Calgary Stampede going on this week in one of our western provinces, Alberta.  While Naomi nor I live anywhere near Calgary, this adorable CowBEE will take no time at all flying in for the festivities going on until July 14th.  For those of you who have never heard of this event, the Calgary Stampede has activities scheduled year round with a 10 day event each July that preserves and promotes western heritage and values.  While I have never been myself, I've heard it is an incredible spectacle.  If you'd like to learn more about some of the events our little CowBEE might be checki…

Easy Peasy Cards

Happy Monday All! I hope you are all enjoying the Summer Bug Brigade and snatching up the freebies, we still have three weeks to go and you don't want to miss out on the real cuties coming up..I seen all of your guesses and it excites Lisa and I that you are playing along, keep guessing!!! So you must be all wondering about the Women In Trade Business Show and how it went, unfortuantely we could not settle the work schedule due to a situation and no matter which way we switched the schedule around it didn't  work out.....of course I was down right upset and disappointed after all the work I had put into it... BUT!!!, there is a silver lining to this story, my cards are all going into a little shop here in Souris called " Wild Fire"  and I may have a chance getting it in to another one just up the street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay... it sure took the sting out of the disappointment. Today I want to show you 2 simple cards I made using "Paper Made Bakery…