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Freebie Sneak Peek and Last Chance for Contributing to Sunday Special Post

Hey all.  It's Lisa back again with another sneak peek to whet your appetite for this Tuesday's freebie choice.  Before I go there...wasn't it so nice to have Naomi pop in?  It is wonderful having her back here even if it might just be on a sporadic basis until she has the stamina to do more.  At least we got to see her long enough for her to be able to show us the beautiful Mother's Day card she made awhile back.

Anyways, today I'm choosing to dip into the store and present a sneak peek at an oldie but a goodie.  It is possible that some of you may have picked this up as a freebie but I went back into Naomi's posts as far back as August and I didn't see it.  Of course I could have missed it but maybe I lucked out with one that hasn't been presented in awhile or possibly ever.  Good news for you new followers is that it will definitely be brand new to you.

 I bet you'll never figure this one out!  I'm so positive that I'll even throw in a fr…

Mother's Day - Embossing with acrylic Paint

Hello !!! Firstly I MISSED YOU ALL SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! I am so happy to be back, I will be starting slow as to not to over do it , just because I feel like bragging that I am at least 75% better I have to save my energy to bring Michael off Island May 22 for his sedated MRI. Your support and prayers has really taken me through this challenge and I am so grateful for each and everyone of you, keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming!! Speaking of grateful I am beyond touched by the way Lisa stepped in and helped me... I know Lisa quite well and know how little time she has due to her own work and not only has she picked up my slack , she is also picking up San's (our design team leader for San's Design) ,  San's mom sadly passed at the end of April, please keep San and her family in your prayers as well. I dub Lisa my Bloggy Angel I love you Lisa, you are such an amazing person. I have been keeping up for the most part on reading your comments and reading the posts…

Freebie - "Meet the Flockers"

Hello everyone.  It is Lisa here to provide you with this week's freebie.  If you missed the post I created to explain my presence (you can find it HERE), but in short, I'm just here to help Naomi out a bit until she gets back on her feet by providing all her loyal readers with her weekly freebies.

This week we have "Meet the Flockers".  When Naomi sent me the image for this week's freebie, she left it up to me to name it.  I thought and thought and the word flock just kept popping up and I knew I wanted to use it somehow but make it funny.  Then it just came to me.  "Meet the Flockers".  Perfect!  Now for those of you who don't get the pun, I created a variation based on the name of a 2004 American comedy film called "Meet the Fockers".  Anyways, 'nuff said.  It is time to actually meet the Flocker family.

To get this week's freebie, just left click on the image to bring it up in its full size, then right click and choose 's…