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Freebie Sneak Peek & Update on Naomi's Condition

Hello everyone!

It is Lisa from Decosse's Dynamite Doodles and I'm back with the sneak peek for this week's freebie which will be out on Tuesday--fingers crossed (I'll explain the fingers crossed in a bit!).  If you haven't been over to this blog in the past week then you are probably wondering who I am and why I'm here instead of Naomi.  If you are interested in finding out, you can click HERE

Before I get to this week's sneak peek, I'm sure that many of you are anxious to hear how our wonderful Naomi is doing.  Now at the beginning of the week, things weren't any better.  She was still in intense pain and couldn't spend any real time at the computer because her eyes were burning so badly.  However, I am happy to report that towards the end of the week, there has been some improvement.  She even managed to get out of the house for a bit and take a small walk in the healing sunshine.  She is itching to create and will hopefully soon be able t…

Freebie - "Sick Lolly"

Hello everyone.  It is Lisa here to provide you with this week's freebie.  If you missed the post I created on Saturday, I'm just here to help Naomi out a bit until she gets back on her feet by providing all her loyal readers with her weekly freebies.

This week we have Sick Lolly.
This image is no longer available for free.  If you are interested in purchasing it, it will be in the store as soon as Naomi is back on her feet.

Now this image is certainly appropriate. Sick Lolly is need of some tender loving care just like his creator Naomi.  In fact I've created a get well card for her using her adorable new image.

Here is the front of the card...

If you would like to see the inside and/or the details for this card you can head on over to my blog and check out my post HERE.

Vicky from Crafting Vicky also took some time to help show you how great this image looks all coloured up and part of a card too. 

Here is the front of her card....

She did a marvelous job …